Brandy Wittmer

Favorite park: Magic Kingdom

Disney favorite food: Dole Whip

Why do you love Disney?: 
My love of all things Disney began when I was a young girl. I was fortunate enough to be there opening day at Walt Disney World. I was so excited!!! My favorite ride of all time is Seven Dwarves Mine Train but Flight of Passage and Soarin’ come in a close second. I always make an evening of wandering around Magic Kingdom and discovering the hidden gems I haven’t been able to see during the day! I grab an icey cold drink and begin to wander!! There’s always something new to discover so I can tell my guests not to miss it!! 

Favorite park: EPCOT 

Disney favorite food: Naan bread appetizer at Sanaa.

Why do you love Disney?: It's magical. It Disney is a place where all the bad things just melt away. It's a place I can escape all the things gong in around me and just be happy. It brings people together and gives me hope in the world and makes me believe that magic really exists. 

Making vacations magical for you! ™

Molly Howard

Robin Clouse

Favorite park: Magic Kingdom

Disney favorite food: Salmon at the Royal Banquet Hall in EPCOT. 

Why do you love Disney?: Because it’s DISNEY! It’s simply Magic, once you walk into that world you forget all your everyday stress, no work all play! Throw your cares away and ride in a tea cup, fly in a boat or go into space! Meet your childhood even as an adult head on.  Meet the princesses you grew up loving face to face AND we cant forget the FIREWORKS, everynight! My family are food lovers, which is another reason all together to love Disney! We can dine while meeting some of our favorite characters and the food options are endless!!!  From Dole Whips at Animal Kingdom to Fresh Salmon in EPCOT. Another reason we love Disney is because is not just for kids! Me and my husband could enjoy a week there by ourselves without a second thought! Disney can be romantic and wild as well as cute and fun! It’s simple, it’s were your hearts dreams come true!